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Hey fellow entrepreneur, Maria here and I just want to let you know why I'm so excited about ChatBot Success Formula and how it'll grow your business.

When I compared my email open rates to my messenger open rates...

I first couldn't believe it.

Is it possible?  

For every 100 people on my subscriber list...

Over 80 of them were opening my messages!

With email...

For every 100 people on my email list...

On average only 25 people open up my emails.

So that means I tripled my audience size by using Facebook's FREE messenger platform.

Seriously, there's never been an easier way to get on demand "traffic" to my messages, offers that lead into...sales!
 Here's A Snapshot Of My Recent Open Rates
85.05% To 93.39% Open Rates Using Messenger
What is A ChatBot?
  •  A ChatBot gives you the ability to simulate a conversation with someone. Like having your own SIRI or ALEXA for your business.   
  •  It allows you to generate leads, create sale conversations, provide a higher-level of help all while allowing you to qualify your customers better.
  •  Basically it's  a computer program that communicates with your fans, customers and leads right where they already spend most of their screen time; within messenger apps. It's a bit like email marketing, but through messaging apps. And it's an interactive experince that people love.
  •  Customers choose how and when to interact with your business. Experiences are also personalised based on their behaviour and interaction. It's just like chatting with a close friend!
  •  Chat bots are about conversations, not broadcasts. We call it conversational commerce, It feels more like a genuine human interaction.
Why Do You Need A ChatBot?
  •  People prefer to use messaging apps to communicate with each other more than email.
  •  Facebook Messenger has 1.3 billion monthly active users.
  •  The top 4 messaging apps surpassed the amount of monthly active users on social networks.
  •  Messenger bots is the ideal medium to educate, build trust, and sell to your prospects and customers.
  •  53% of people say they are more likely to shop with a business they can message. 

Build your audience, qualify your
leads and get sales.
Here’s What You Get:
Module 1: Why Use Chat Bots

The Power of this “Conversation 2 Commerce” ChatBot Marketing Formula & Why It Works Like A Charm

How it works for any business

Tips to take action on this business-boosting step-by-step training

Module 2: Key Bot Elements

Step by Simple Step Instructions with NO Fluff. We Jump Right In To Action Mode.  

Standard Button VS Quick Replies. The Do's & Don'ts 

How To Inject Flare and Personality Into Your Messages 

The SECRET Rule Revealed..... That Shows You How To Maximize Your Messenger Results.

Module 3: Your Bot Copy - Conversational to Commerce Sales

Strategic Planning - Your Irresistible Conversation Game Plan

How to Make Your Ideal Prospect ‘Feel Special’

What Types of Conversations Work Best

One TINY Tweak That Cleverly Gets You More Engagement.

Module 4: 9Proven ChatBot Funnels / Blueprints Overview

The Branding ChatBot - Step by Step Set Up in 1 Hour or Less

The Contest to Coupon Chat Bot Funnel

The Coupon ChatBot Funnel

The Lead Magnet ChatBot Funnel

The Affiliate / Ambassador ChatBot Funnel

The Customer Loyalty ChatBot Funnel

The Webinar ChatBot Funnel

Your Course Chatbot Funnel 

Your 4 Day Cash Messenger Machine
Module 5: TRAFFIC: 4 Types of Facebook Ads (Step by Step Instruction)

Landing Page Setup In 10 Minutes Or LESS

Jumping Sassafras We Have Even More “Feel Special” Techniques to Seduce Your Customers

Uber effective campaigns you can create and launch effortlessly
You can turn it up at will to get all the clients and sales you want.

Bonus #1 Case Study: $5k in 48 Hours Playbook

Discover the Simple Funnel & Conversation 2 Commerce Game Plan.

Watch Over Our Shoulder As We Show You Exactly How We Set It Up in 28 Minutes.

Bonus #2: 10 Ways To Get Traffic to Your Chat Bot

Got the System. Check.

You’ve Launched It & Tested It Yourself. Check. 

Discover 10 Ways To Get Your Ideal Prospects To Enter Your ChatBot.

Best for Last Bonus #3: How to Sell Chat Bot Services & What to Charge

ChatBots Work Great for Local Businesses, Amazon Sellers and Online Store Owners. 

THOUSANDS of Hungry Entrepreneurs Will Now PAY You To Set This Up For Them! 

Easily Get $500 and EVEN MORE When You Set This Up For Recurring Revenue Service. 
12 Super Cool Reasons To Trust Us
Kara Charron and myself, Maria Gudelis have founded our own companies and taken them to 7 figures using creative marketing strategies online.

I’ve sold my first “info-product” course for a mere $17 on eBay back in 2005 that turned into millions of revenue (GASP yes I’ve been online marketing THAT LONG!)

Here’s a few other super cool reasons to check our program out:

1. First female to ‘break a internet marketing record’ by selling over $100k in less than 25 hours online with a simple $17 sales funnel.

2. We’ve helped over 25,000 people worldwide get from where they are today to where they want to be.

3. Helped my client Jarrett start from complete ‘scratch, zero, nada, no experience online’ to get to his first $10,000 day in sales in less than 6 months.

4. Launched and sold $200,000 of the first ever social media certification program (back in 2011) with 1 webinar in 1 hour that created a river of recurring revenue because of the fixed payment plan option of 100 packages at 12 monthly payments of $197. (psst…recurring revenue is ‘better then Coconut Bliss Salted Caramel & Chocolate ice cream)

5. Helped my client sell over $800k of his $997 program and software in less than 7 months using a combination of webinars + Facebook™ marketing.

6. Distinct pleasure of joint venturing with Mark Victor Hansen (founder and co-creator of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” book series).

7. First Facebook™ Advertising campaign created in 2012(before we had the Facebook Pixel even!) that advertised IDEAL prospects to a webinar, in the webinar sold out $100k worth of my “Black Label Coaching Program” at high end ticket investment of $10k.

8. Love (with PASSION and PURPOSE) helping others creative entrepreneurial souls like you create the business you love!

9. Between the two of us…invested well over $200k in courses and coaches that includes AMAZING stuff…and well as you may have experienced too…wasted time and energy with the ‘fake coaches’ right! So we’ve been there too buttercup! WE KNOW how that feels to hand over your hard earned money and time to get no results.

10. The good news…we’re here for you.

11. Sold over 4000+ courses online.

12. Recently consulted one physical and digital products company and within 6 months DOUBLED their online sales (to over 7 figures) by using ninja marketing tactics.

We both started from scratch, no contacts, and frankly no time (I Netflix binge…Kara has a happy hubby, 2 kids and 1 foreign exchange student while running a 7 figure business!).

The point is…you can do this.

YOU can grow the business you love. 
Here's Why You Must Grab This:
  •  100% Newbie Friendly
  •   100% Brand NEW & Fresh
  •  Comes With Video Tutorials & Quick Start Checklist 
  •  We Include Our Own $5k in 48 Hours Playbook Case Study 
  •  If you WANT a CUTTING EDGE system that shows you how to use Messenger Bots to Generate Qualified LEADS & SALES.
  •  Create quick $$$  & a side income by taking what you learn in this course and Setup Bots for Businesses.  Sell just 1 Bot and it more than pays for this entire course. 
What The Experts Are Saying......
"Messaging is one of the few things that people do more than social networking." "We think you should be able to message a business like you would message a friend
-Mark Zuckerberg
( Founder/CEO of Facebook )
"We firmly believe that in the near future, every business is going to be connecting with their customers through messaging apps.”
-Andrew Warner
( Founder )
“Messaging apps are the platforms of the future and bots will be how their users access all sorts of services”
( Shared in Forbes Magazine Oct 23, 2016 )
-Peter Rojas
( Co-Founder Gizmodo/Engadget/Joystiq )
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